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Lightweight Models and Cost-Effective Scalability: Less is More

So what does Lightweight Models and Cost-effective Scalability mean? Rather than engaging a large software development team to create a complex product – they engage small teams and release functionality in increments. Instead of a large marketing budget they rely … Continue reading

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Leveraging the long tail : OurDeal

What does leveraging the Long Tail means? It describes the retailing strategy of selling a large number of unique items in relatively small quantities – usually in addition to selling fewer popular items in large quantities.The distribution and inventory costs … Continue reading

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Perpetual Beta : Internet Explorer 9

What is Perpetual Beta? And how is it different from a Traditional beta?Perpetual beta is the keeping of software or a system at the beta development stage for an extended or indefinite period of time. It is often used by … Continue reading

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Software above the level of a single device: Meebo

With the development of modern technologies, web applications are no longer limited to only one access device, such as desktop PC. Applications that are limited to a single device are less valuable than those that are connected. One of the … Continue reading

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Rich user experiences: Gmail

What does richer user experiences mean? “Richer” in this context has two distinct meanings. The first one means a better-designed, more intuitive, and more user-friendly graphical user interface. The other means a cleaner interface, one that is not excessively crowded … Continue reading

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Innovation is assembly: Flickr the next big time

When the modern technologies keep developing, we can see a new league of fostered growth and advancement in connectedness. Now we can fulfil both business and consumer needs like never before – largely thanks to open Internet protocols and APIs … Continue reading

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Data is the next “intel inside”: OkTrends

Everyday there have been a huge amount of data being uploaded, downloaded or transferred around the web. Data is become one of the most valuable resources for most of the businesses around the world (e.g. Google, Yahoo, Facebook) and etc. … Continue reading

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