Leveraging the long tail : OurDeal

What does leveraging the Long Tail means? It describes the retailing strategy of selling a large number of unique items in relatively small quantities – usually in addition to selling fewer popular items in large quantities.The distribution and inventory costs of businesses successfully applying this strategy allow them to realize significant profit out of selling small volumes of hard-to-find items to many customers instead of only selling large volumes of a reduced number of popular items. The total sales of this large number of “non-hit items” is called the Long Tail.Online retailers, in contrast, do not have to worry about saving precious shelf-space as there is no shelf space on the internet!The costs of maintaining a physical store are removed, costs drastically reduce, and this allows online stores to target micro, or niche markets.

The website i am going to introduce is OurDeal. It is an online marketplace to sell vouchers for people who are interested in their offers. Sign up to become a member of OurDeal and receive incredible daily Deals straight to your inbox. Choose the Deal that tickles your fancy, click ‘Buy’ and share the Deal with all your friends on Facebook and Twitter because a Deal is only activated once the minimum number of buyers is reached. Once we hit the magic number your credit card will be charged and your voucher will be emailed to you within 24 hours. All that’s left to do is print out your voucher and enjoy your Deal! This offer deals are only availabe all around Australia and unfortunately not for people living outside of australia.

So what are the advantages of OurDeal? More selection as OurDeal provide ‘mass market’ appeal, offering vouchers to top destinations , nice delicacy, cheap gyms and etc. Lower price as there is less overhead (no storefronts for either store) and also 50-80% discounts off their original price on the vouchers. Algorithmic Data Management – OurDeal is a great example of a site that helps customer find similar products based on their ‘clicks’. If you click on a certain State, it will show you the available vouchers for use on that particular area. So what are you guys waiting for? Get it while stock lasts.


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11 Responses to Leveraging the long tail : OurDeal

  1. Chen says:

    looks like theres a trend in sites like this.. if others are interested in more deals http://www.scoopon.com.au and http://www.spreets.com.au are similar to OurDeal but with different offers.

  2. darkwaterhorses says:

    Everyone loves a bargain, I’ve checked out some of the deals of this OurDeal.com site and it does truly provide consumers with huge savings. Looks thought the site has reached to many cities across the face of Australia. I checked out the Scoopon site and it has blown my mind how similar it looks to the one that you have chosen, thought the same thing as you did, how do they really compete with each other? Did you also hear about ‘Groupon’ rejecting a 6 billion deal with Google? Link: http://tiny.cc/phhdp

    Do you believe that the future of retail lies heavily on the internet, where consumers are going to use it to collect discounts through niche applications like OurDeal.com?

    • xxlesliexx says:

      I believe so, when Groupon or OurDeal keep having bargains like this, its hard to see buyers not going there and take a look that those fabulous discounts vouchers.Some of the advantages are cheap and convenient so why not spend a few minutes of ur time taking a look at those discount vouchers?

  3. wanlaya says:

    Its interesting. I have never tried this site before but it seems they offer a good bargain. I think I will have a look for a good deal for my next holiday here.

  4. Kathleen says:

    I love group buying sites and they saved me a lot already. (allthedeals.com.au has them all in one place!) There’re many similar sites around the world now (such as Groupon) and it’s worth the time doing some research before going overseas! About a month before going I started subscribing to group buying sites there and managed to buy coupons for things like half price Starbucks. 🙂

  5. Hey Leslie,
    Nice and clear introduction of the pattern and OurDeal is one of the best examples about “Leveraging the long tail”. I haven’t use OurDeal before but form your blog and looking through the website I found that the deals this site provides are amazing!!!!! Just wondering how they can make money if they offer 50-80% discounts off the original price.
    Thank you

    • xxlesliexx says:

      They could still make money because a certain number of vouchers must be reached before the Deal is being unlocked. So everyone have to play a part , they earn money by selling in bulk in the shortest time.

  6. deapht says:

    Good find. How do websites such as this provide so many discounts?

    • xxlesliexx says:

      Thats is a very good question, by asking them through emails and in turn getting advertised in the website? Dont you think is a win-win situation?

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