Harnessing collective intelligence: Aion online

It has been asserted that one of the central differences between the PC era and the Web 2.0 era is that once the internet becomes platform, you can build applications that harness network effects. Just like Wikipedia directs millions of minds to create a new and better kind of encyclopedia. That’s not just user-generated content. It’s a cognitive community exhibiting super intelligent behavior. Therefore I believe networks of super intelligent cognitive communities are our future. Web 2.0 concepts like harnessing collective intelligence and lightweight, responsive software development are intimately related. They require new competencies, new development models, and new attitudes towards the application development process.

One of the Web 2.0 application i wanna introduce is Aion online. It is a MMORPG game released by NCSOFT which origins from a korean gaming company.This game gives rewards and recognition with game mechanics and social engagement, providing a highly addictive platform that tends to suck up time like a vortex.I picked up a gaming addiction during a time of 10-hour days, six days a week. So where did I and my game-playing peers find the time? This game is designed for long hours of plays and getting quest to do as a individual or as a group. For me who has little time for games but popped up to the game server whenever i had limited time in between breaks. Now,let say if each one of these people spent just 500 minutes per week playing that would mean there was more than 2000 million hours of collective game play on that application last month!

So why are we spending so much time in these outlets, in games? Some experts say it is because we don’t feel we can accomplish as much in real life as we do in the virtual worlds. We feel empowered as the things we achieved in virtual world might not happen in the real world instead. We can’t “level-up” after completing a company project. In fact, Jane McGonigal, a game researcher and designer, goes so far as to say in a presentation at the 2010 TED conference that “we feel we are not as good in reality as we are in games.” So why don’t we harness the collective and allow them to do something “good,” to solve world problems?

Harnessing collective intelligence to complete tasks is nothing new. Let say we saw some talented musicians online and to show our earnest support ,the public might donate some spare change —their tip– to show support for what they read, saw or heard or maybe to support the site by means of paypal or etc. It’s probably a good concept as large donors are hard to find and small ones can easily become fans, sharing the artist’s ideology, music and passion with their peers. Therefore Harnessing collective intelligence is a important principle for the success of web application. Who knows there might be web 3.0 in the future!



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2 Responses to Harnessing collective intelligence: Aion online

  1. angjer says:

    hey, that’s pretty interesting. using MMORPGs. Not sure if it’s considered under the web 2.0 category or games but somehow the o’reily patterns become applicable. i had some problems with choosing an application for the week 2 blog so i’m not sure if i have choosen the right one. do visit my blog. cheers.

  2. xxlesliexx says:

    yea MMORPG isnt it a interesting web 2.0 application? i will take a look at ur blog soon.

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